Mission XOCO

Four years ago, we started XOCO (then Sweetalittle) with a mission to bring moments of love to people's daily lives. We know that you have an entire world to take on every day, and we strived to brighten it however we could, from delivering a wholesome drink to drawing a dancing Pikachu on your cup.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we are announcing the closure of XOCO as of 3/13/20. Creating a sustainable platform for all parties involved (customers, staff, vendor partners) is incredibly challenging - our team has worked tirelessly to deliver these magical experiences to you, and we’re proud to have done that over 100,000 times.

Throughout the journey, we’ve heard from many of you - you’ve sent us product feedback, suggestions, stickers, t-shirts, bananas 🍌, gift cards, thank you cards… most of all, love.

For now, we are moving on. But each and every one of us will be carrying the mission onto our new individual endeavors. We’re saying goodbye for now, but you will find us (in different ways).

Thank you, and see you in the parallel universe ✨

With love and gratitude ❤️,
Connie & Team


“I had a chance to enjoy Sweetalittle & Xoco many many times over the years and we will miss you.”

“Ah damn .. Loved your teas and the cute drawings . Will miss you”

“Rock on, you guys. All the best with your future endeavors. It's definitely a bittersweet-a-little (sob/haha) moment... You guys have made many of our days that much more delicious and fun. Much gratitude and peace!”

“Asana's boba drinkers are heartbroken by this news - your deliveries helped bring us a ton of joy. Good luck with the rest of your endeavors <3”

“Thank you so much for all the drinks you've made for my team and I. We appreciate your business dearly and are so devastated by the news! All the best to the entire team!!”

“We'll miss you so much! Your company was a staple at Slack and our most sweet and reliable boba friends. You made our afternoons brighter with your fun doodles and kept us caffeinated.”

“I'm so so so sad to hear that. You brought just the sweetest joy to my company. I ordered from you for the first time at my new company to share boba with everyone and they went nuts about it. Super sad about this but I know ya'll will just be fine. Upwards and onwards! :')”

“...The platform is so filled with love, from the cute stickers, to the emojis over text … The names I put down have become cute inside jokes.. all thanks to you. Thank you for creating such a delightful company, you’ll be dearly missed …”

“It's disappointing to hear that XOCO will be moving on! I recently discovered the brand and think it is the best boba I've had in SF so far (the quality of the tea you use shine through)... best of luck!”

“Hi, I wanted to let you know how sad I am that you'll be shutting down - over the last year or two you've given me and my coworkers a lot of joy in tapioca and emoji-drawing form. Thank you so much. Wishing you all the best, and excited to see what's next!”

“... please don't go. you guys are awesome. thanks for letting us be part of your adventure!”

“Sad to hear this news, but thank you for brightening our days. <3”

“Thanks XOCO! You made Friday at the office a lot better for many of us. Best of luck on your next venture.”

“Best of luck to the team, you have made MANY MANY of our afternoons so much more tolerable and we will miss you greatly.”

“I'll miss you guys … Running a business is hard and I wish each and all of you the noICEst of successes in future endeavors!”

“Thank you for brightening up our collective days at Cloudflare. we loved your service and will miss you terribly.”